Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grandma's Cake

Sorry I've been gone so long, I  have been truly uninspired lately.  And man, life is busy! I really thought when all of our children left home things would settle down. Didn't happen!

I've been trying to lose weight. Mostly for health reasons. Partly for vanity. Partly because my husband and I are going to Alaska this year and I can't fit into my jeans! Today I made Grandma's cake. Today, not only did I not lose weight, I probably gained a few pounds.

Grandma's cake is a plain vanilla cake with icing made solely from milk, sugar, and vanilla and poured over the cake while it is warm. But before you pour the icing on, you poke holes in the cake so that the warm, sweet icing runs all through the cake. This is one ugly cake! But let me tell you, that icing permeates that cake, and even though that cake is full of holes and appears to be falling apart, when you get to the inside with all that gooey icing; you think you've tasted heaven!

This cake is a lot like some of us. Not so pretty on the outside; not so appealing. A few lumps and holes. If you take some of us on face value alone, we would not be so desirable. We are sweet and loving on the inside. Strong and caring individuals. But you have to taste the cake. You have to get to the inside. If you take the time to really SEE us, to get to know us, you might think you've tasted heaven!

Sometimes, sadly, we see OURSELVES as ugly or not so lovable.  We must remember that, to love others, we have to love ourselves. We have to remember to forgive ourselves for whatever holes we have in our lives. God loves all of us, holes and all!

Maybe tomorrow dieting will be easier.  The cake is gone. I'm sure there will be another temptation to take it's place. I will pray for the ability to resist. But remember, look at a person's heart, not their lumps and bumps!  And be a little easier on yourself!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sue's Thoughts: A New Year, A New Time

Sue's Thoughts: A New Year, A New Time

A New Year, A New Time

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged. My internet provider changed to google and everything has been so complicated in the transition. I couldn't figure out how to access my blog account. I did not have time during the holidays to figure it out.  Now I'm not sure I have the brains!
 Merge this account with this one and be careful in the transition so you don't have trouble signing in, and all my old e-mails are evidently lost forever. That includes e-receipts that I had saved.  Also, as my FB friends know, flight numbers for Nathan's plane on Christmas Eve and his itinerary disappeared. That is a scary thing when your son's plane has not landed two hours after it should have, and it's snowing in Lubbock, Texas. It's been crazy!
That said, twenty eleven was a good year for us. New friends and old helped us usher in the New Year. It was a special time.
 I have been concerned with the direction our country has taken in this last four years.  But my trust is in the Lord, and I know that all things happen in His time.  As I read my Bible, I can see that it is time for these things to be happening in our world.  It is scary, and yet it is exciting!  Although I don't understand why, I am always amazed when biblical things happen the way God said they would.  I suppose my finite mind cannot comprehend how, so many many years ago, God already knew.  Even though intellectually I know this, it is hard to comprehend.
My most pressing concern is the state our country will be in when my grandchildren are young adults, if, in fact, we are still a country of our own.  But, these are things I have no control over except through prayer, so I am trying hard not to stress over them.  I do know that, if we don't stand up for christian principles, they will soon be lost.  It is happening fast!
Our nation has accepted so many different cultures into our midst and, for some reason, instead of expecting them to become "Americanized," we have tried to become like everyone else.  A house divided cannot stand.(Mark 3:25)  Whether we are talking about religion or politics, "if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."  I have always believed that America would not fall to another nation; it would fall from within.
We must PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more!  AND WE MUST STAND UP for our beliefs!  It amazes me what we, as American people and as Christians, have allowed our government to do.  It is as if we think we cannot change it, or we are indifferent to it.  I am as guilty, maybe even more so, than most. I, and millions like me, have become complacent.  I say, "Let's stand up, let's be counted!"
I prayed, (not diligently enough, evidently) for God to send us a viable candidate for President.  Now, we are so divided (Matthew 12:25) in the republican party that I am praying God will intervene and put the right man in the race in spite of us.  Election years are scary things.