Saturday, August 6, 2011

America's "High"

      "I am overfull, and I feel so good!"  That is what I thought as I took the last bite of Cracker Jacks.  Then it dawned on me what my weight problem had been all along, or at least partially.  I get "high" on feeling full.  I had eaten enough; even more than enough according to my calorie intake for the day.  However, I was not "full."  I didn't have that "aah, I'm miserable" feeling.  Anyone out there know what I mean?   I realized that when I get to a certain point of fullness, my body must feel so good that it releases endorphines;  which make me happy, or at least make me seem happy.  As a result, I am constantly searching for my "high."  I am addicted to food!

      Knowledge is power.  Now that I have this knowledge, I should be able to battle the need for this feeling.

     It dawned on me later that Americans are like that.  We are so used to that "high."  Most of us have a lot more than we need to survive, but we still long for more.  We are such a spoiled people.  We want what we want and we want it now!  God has blessed this nation so much, and yet we demand more.  We have lived on that euphoric feeling for so long that we cannot imagine giving it up.  When will we battle this feeling,;this addiction?  It is my opinion that soon we will not have a choice, in Texas, at least.  Already it is hard to get "same day" delivery on things.  Prices will soon skyrocket.  Cotton and all that is made from it will be scarce.  Fresh vegetables will have to be shipped in.  Beef prices will soar because ranchers had to sell so many of their cattle.  It is time to stop overfilling.  Quit spending government money so that we will be given the same amount next year.  Quit building fancy offices and overhiring.  Quit cowtowing to lobbyists.  In other words, quit paying $200.00 for hammers!

     Maybe  we should overfill on "The Fruit"  instead of the fruit. We could stand a little love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness,  and faithfulness in this world today. (Gal. 5:22)  And Fruit is healthy!

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