Sunday, July 31, 2011

Front Porch Sittin'

We were discussing cell phone use today in Sunday School.  Ninety eight percent of our class is over 50 years of age. Some do not even text, much less Facebook, and have no desire to do either.  We were discussing how we thought that cell phones had taken the place of visiting in person and how we had lost that "personal touch."

As I reflected on this for a while it came to me that the younger generation does not even remember "front porch sittin'."   Women used to quilt together. (Not in my time. haha)  They used to have play dates for their children and sit over a glass of tea or a cup of coffee while the children played.  Today, most women under the age of fifty have a full time jobs.  For a time, between the eras of quiltings and women having careers; there was very little visitation.  Cell phones, therefore, have replaced the "front porch."  Because of them, people are able to keep in touch in a way they never could before.  We really can't even argue that they cannot see each other. With programs such as Skype, even that is possible.  My daughter  "Skypes" a friend of hers in Africa all the time.  My son had a "Skype" date with his girlfriend, who is doing an internship in California. 

What we have to remember is that just because something is different, that doesn't mean it is bad. It is just different. In this case, it is progress.  Granted we could use a lot more cell phone etiquette. There should be some hard and fast rules about when and how to use this wonderful little device, but that is another blog!

Personally,  I love both texting and Facebook.  I have gotten in touch with old friends whom I would never have had contact with had it not have been for Facebook.  And I can text my son and tell him to call me when he doesn't answer his phone.  Texting can be done when the conversation needs to stay private, or when an actual conversation is not possible. So come on 50+er's, get in the groove!  I can make up words like 50+er's, because I'm a "texter!"

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