Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Impossible Used to Seem Possible

        I have two of the most wonderful grandsons in the world. Each has his own personality, his own style of talking, his own walk, and his own quirky little things that I love.  But they both have my hair!  The older more so than the younger. I gave it to their mother, who in turn gave it to them.  I don't think they want it any more than I do!

       Their mother sent me a picture of their first haircut of the school year by a professional hairstylist.  She said that when the lady asked Hunter (the six year old) what kind of "cut" he wanted, he said, "Straight!"

       I thought about his answer this morning over my last cup of coffee, and I wondered, "When did we begin to believe  that the impossible was not possible?  Was it one particular circumstance or many happenstances in our lives that caused us to doubt that anything is possible?" 

      When we were children, we were sure that someone could fix any problem; Mom, Dad, our grandparents.  I have glued noses on wooden pull toys, performed surgery on dolls, bandaged booboos, and altered clothes, but I cannot "cut" hair and make it straight.

      I think, for me, the answer is, "many happenstances."  I cannot think of one defining moment when doubt crept in.  I can , however, think of many situations in my life when I realized that there were things I could not accomplish, or at least, not without making sacrifices I was not willing to make.  It was during those times that God showed me that there were things in this world better left undone; things that were not in His divine plan for my life. 

      It was not in His divine plan for Hunter to have straight hair.  Though, if I could "cut" it for him, I would.


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