Friday, September 30, 2011

"Humming" Along

I love humming birds!  I do. We keep a feeder outside our window where we have coffee every morning.  This year we had not refilled it until we read that the little hummers needed extra nourishment to be able to migrate.  We were glad to get to watch them a little longer, so we filled the feeder. 

We have begun to watch one bird in particular.  He lives in our pyracantha bush.  He goes from the bush to the feeder and from the feeder to the front porch where there are colorful flowers and then back to the bush.  Other birds have come and gone, but this particular little hummer has never migrated.  He probably thinks, "Why go south when I am comfortable here.  I have shelter; life is easy and there is plenty of food."  We will probably have to pull the feeder.

How many of us react like that when we know God is telling us that we need to move on?  Change is so hard. We get comfortable in our "rut."  What we know oftentimes seems so much more appealing than what we cannot see.  We would have to "put ourselves out there" if we; for example, changed jobs, changed locations, or changed our habits, whether physical or spiritual. 

What we have to remember though, is that winter is coming.  Whatever our "winter" is, it is coming.  And just like the little humming bird, if we don't heed the signs that God gives us and we ignore the warnings, we will not flourish. It could even mean death, whether figuratively or physically. 

So I will remove the feeder.  The hummingbird will fly south.  And maybe, I will have learned something about moving on.  Maybe I will heed God's warnings when He says winter is coming. And maybe, I too will move on.

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